The Math of Hold 'Em

My book with Collin Moshman, The Math of Hold'em, is available now! Gain an edge against your opponents by beating hold 'em with math.

To win one hand, you need luck. To win big at hold’em in the long run you need an advantage. Quick and accurate mathematical decisions are crucial as you play. This book will teach you the practical math you need to beat your opponents.

Some of the critical topics covered in this book include:

  • Pot Odds
  • Probability
  • Expected Value
  • Counting Hand Combinations
  • Implied Odds and Reverse Implied Odds
  • Hot and Cold Equity
  • Tournaments
  • Logic
  • Game Theory
  • Statistics and Variance
  • Bankroll Management
  • Software

While abstract theories are included, the focus is on knowledge that can be used at the table, in the limited time you have. We will also discuss tools to study situations away from the table. Our mission is to produce the most useful poker math book to help you dominate your opponents and build your bankroll.

You can download the Kindle Edition now. You do not need to own a Kindle to be able to read it, and you can download a free sample from Amazon. The paperback version of the book is also available.